Talking Brows With Melanie Marris

Talking Brows With Melanie Marris

Founder of Brow Code and Celebrity Brow Stylist, Melanie Marris is one of the most in-demand brow stylists in the world. We’ve sat down with Melanie and asked her questions about current brow trends, the do’s and don’t when it comes to brows and different brow shaping techniques.

What Are The Current Trends In Brow Shape And Style?

People are absolutely loving lamination. This technique achieves a fluffy brushed-up brow while still creating a sculpted shape and style. There’s no denying that full and lifted brows have been on trend for some time now, but I definitely think it’s here to stay. This brow look is super achievable and maintains your natural brow shape while still adding a super aesthetic and bold pop to the face.

Another huge trend making its way through the brow industry is ombre and permanent makeup. We have an amazing range of products that cater for this trend coming soon. So, keep your eyes peeled!

What Are The Pros And Cons Of The Different Types Of Shaping?

I’m personally love waxing. Waxing is warm, which opens up the pores, making it super easy to remove the hairs from the root. The Brow Code Microwavable Brow Styling Hot Wax is perfect for removing every single hair with one strip. This is how I’m able to achieve that really defined look for my clients. Waxing is also really gentle, which clients love. However, of course, the effectiveness of waxing comes down to technique.

Threading can give an incredibly crisp line, however, sometimes this technique can snap the hairs instead of pulling them from the root. A lot of people do turn to waxing just because it’s seen as the more hygienic option. Some professional brow technicians put the thread in their mouth, which of course isn’t very hygienic and is also seen as a major no-no with everything going on in the world at the moment.

I love using my tweezers to tidy up the brow, especially when I’m on the go or in a rush. Tweezers are also a great tool to use in between your eyebrow appointments to get rid of any stray hairs. It’s not a good idea to constantly pluck because the brows will begin to grow uneven and will give off that black dotted effect.

What Is Brow Lamination?

I would say brow lamination is a fairly new technique used in the industry, but ever since it’s been introduced it has just taken off – and I can totally understand why!! Essentially brow lamination is the process of straightening the brow hairs, resulting in instantly full, lifted & fluffy brows. By using Brow Code’s Lustre Lamination Kit and following our unique step-by-step treatment guide, you can get all your brow hairs to stand in the desired direction.

What Is Your Step-By-Step Guide To Maintaining Brows At Home?

I’m definitely a DIY kind of girl. I don’t always have time to visit a professional to get my brows done, so I do it all myself from home!

Every 4 to 6 weeks I like to line my brows and fill my brows with Creamades and the Imitations Pencil. I then grab the Microwavable Brow Styling Hot Wax to sculpt my brows and then of course finish with a tint. I actually love to tint my brows every two weeks with some at-home Brow Tint. This is something I do religiously and implement into my self-care routine.

I always have a pair of tweezers on me but I don’t do it very often. I will basically tweeze as I’m waxing and then leave it until I complete my brow routine next. And of course, maintaining the brows at home isn’t complete without some Brow Gold Oil. I like to use this product every night before I go to bed.

How Can You Stimulate Brow Growth?

Brow care is essential and lays the foundation for all future treatments. The first step to stimulating brow growth is hydrating and nourishing the brow hairs with the Brow Gold Aftercare Oil. This natural oil formulation is designed to promote hair growth and the appearance of fuller, healthier brows. It’s always best to use the oil weekly to see optimum results.

What's The Biggest Mistake People Make With Their Brows?

The biggest mistake I’ve probably seen is people messing around too much with their natural brows to achieve on-trend brows. You don’t have to physically wax off the brows to achieve the current sought-after brows! Trends are going to come and go, so you should use brow products to make your brows look on-trend instead. Another big mistake I notice people make is over-tweezing!

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